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Christmas Decorations

Decorating Your Home For Christmas.

Christmas decorating in America has evolved over the years. We have taken many different traditions from various countries and made them our own. The way we decorate our trees, string lights, and celebrate Christmas in general have become almost an art form in America.

  • 1 Jul 2017

The History of the Easter Egg

The egg is a remarkable product that has a rich and fascinating history of symbolic meaning in many cultures. Throughout the world, it is known as a universal symbol of Easter celebrations. Along with the association of Christian religious beliefs with the Easter holiday, there is also the time honored tradition of making Easter eggs.

  • 22 Jun 2017
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6 Jul 2017
Posted By Scotty B.

3 Smart Holiday Gift Choices For The Women In Your Life

Holidays are the perfect opportunity to show the people in your life how much you love and appreciate them. But let's face it; women can be difficult to shop for! The key to shopping for women is to choose gifts that are unique, special, and that make her feel pampered. Rather than opting for a toaster that makes her think of house chores, look for gifts that give her comfort and pampering while giving her the opportunity to make new memories.
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