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G40 Clear Globe String Light with 25 Bulbs by Deneve - Best Connectable Outdoor Bistro Market Cafe Hanging Umbrella Garden Party Patio Lamp Lights - 100% Guarantee on Light String! (White)

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Manufacturer Deneve
Brand Deneve
Color White
Model DNV-200-10111
UPC 689466744040
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18 Jul 2017

Updating Your Christmas Decorations

With the holidays just around the corner, many people are beginning to bring out the old boxes of Christmas decorations to adorn their homes for the holiday season.

27 Jun 2017

The Tabletop Christmas Tree - A Christmas Tree Can Fit Anywhere

I love Christmas trees, especially the real big ones, but many of us have practical size requirements. Very often we may have limited space, either at home or perhaps at a secondary location like a front hall or office.

23 Jun 2017

Holiday Flower Arrangement Ideas

Nothing brightens a home quite like a floral bouquet and during the holidays these timeless household ornaments can be especially alluring. That is why the hunt for a wonderful Christmas arrangement may be well worth the endeavor.

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    1 Jul 2017 Posted By Bryce A.

    Christmas Decorations

    Decorating Your Home For Christmas.

    Christmas decorating in America has evolved over the years. We have taken many different traditions from various countries and made them our own.

  • Blog Entry
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    22 Jun 2017 Posted By Leroy S.

    The History of the Easter Egg

    The egg is a remarkable product that has a rich and fascinating history of symbolic meaning in many cultures. Throughout the world, it is known as a universal symbol of Easter celebrations.

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